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Minecraft Magnet Set
  • Minecraft Magnet Set

Minecraft Magnet Set

Mmm... blocks

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    detail of magnets

    Some of the materials
    at your disposal!

    There are many materials to choose from in your average fridge: milk, cheese, salad, sauces, pickles, beer, and more. But now you can bolster your inventory with all sorts of exciting new stuff like lava, gravel, snow, coal, and cobblestones! To name just a few. We’re talking of course about the many materials and items found in Minecraft – the thoroughly playable online game/inescapable time-hoover that’s taken the world by storm – which can all be yours in the form of the Minecraft Magnet Set.

    Arrange this collection of 80 officially licensed magnets on your fridge (or metal surface) in any way you like and prepare to baffle your friends and family. ‘What’s that? It’s a workbench, obviously...’

    Produced using the lovably low-res artwork by Notch and the Minecraft team, each 1” x 1” square represents one of the many pixellated blocks from the game. Clever, customisable and cool (well, they are stuck to your fridge, after all) the Minecraft Magnet Set is a suitably silly tribute to this global geek smash.

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