Minecraft Foam Pickaxe
  • Minecraft Foam Pickaxe

Minecraft Foam Pickaxe

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    pickaxe in hand

    Pickaxe IRL!

    Smacking annoying co-workers over the bonce with a pickaxe might be considered a tad harsh. But it’s standard procedure here at Firebox HQ, particularly since we took delivery of the Minecraft Foam Pickaxe. Clonk!

    An exact replica of the pickaxe featured in Minecraft (the insanely addictive construction-based timewaster-of-choice for bored geeks across the globe) this full-size tool is just as blocky and pixellated as the in-game version used to bash in walls and smash stone. The difference is you can use it to bonk colleagues over the head next time they get lairy with some fancy NERF blaster. ‘Softy missiles? Eat pickaxe, loser!’

    Crafted in squishy but durable EVA foam and fully licensed by Notch, this awesomely daft plaything will withstand far more than 132 uses, or in this case smackings. All you need to do now is prepare a decent alibi for the next time you sneak up on the boss and pickaxe his toupee to bits. ‘Er, it was him!’

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