Minecraft Creeper Vinyl Figure
  • Minecraft Creeper Vinyl Figure

Minecraft Creeper Vinyl Figure

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    Minecraft Creeper Vinyl Figure out of its packaging

    Keep your distance!

    Few things in life give us the heebie jeebies. Moths. Spiders. Clowns. Embarrassing bodies. The Thing. Cotton wool. Scarecrows. Geordie Shore. Björk. Tinned ravioli. Anything with long legs. The list is quite small. But topping all of them would have to be Creepers.

    If you’re not into Minecraft you may not be familiar with these pug-faced little cuboids. But any player who’s every spent hours building something, only to have it wantonly destroyed by a rogue Creeper will know what we’re talking about. Sure they look harmless, but these 8-bit nasties can really ruin your day.

    However, we’re forever being told to confront our fears. Which is why we’ve got our hands on this 6” (15cm) tall Minecraft Creeper Vinyl Figure. Complete with a 2” (5cm) Diamond Block, this officially licensed character will stand watch on your desk, shelf or workstation – ready to shuffle over and explode at a moment’s notice.

    Thankfully, the most this mob can actually do is move its articulated joints. And not without your help. So it makes an ideal gift for any twitchy Minecrafters. Just don’t make a low hissing sound when they turn their backs.

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