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Mimicking Monkey

Mumbles in the jungle

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    scale record voice

    Record a 10 second message and
    Mimicking Monkey will repeat it

    From the kiddy-conscious minds behind the Twilight Turtle and Twilight Ladybug, the Mimicking Monkey is a wonderful bedside companion for newborns and toddlers. Firstly, this super soft plush primate will play a gently soothing soundtrack of Amazon rainforest sounds to lull your little ones to sleep. But you can also intersperse these natural noises with your own personalised soundbites.

    Mimicking Monkey can record up to ten seconds of your own voice – or the voices of loved ones – and will carefully segue them into the sounds of the jungle every 45 seconds. Providing your baby with familiar sounds to calm them as they settle down for the night and aiding a restful night’s sleep. Singing is optional.

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