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Mimi Wireless Gaming Keyboard
  • Mimi Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Mimi Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Mouse, keyboard and gamepad in one

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    Mimi Wireless Controller

    Arm-chair warlord, yesterday

    If you’ve got your computer hooked up to your TV you’ll know that navigating through menus, typing emails, surfing the web and fiddling with your multimedia from the sofa can be a right pain. What’s more, balancing a mouse on your knee is nigh on impossible. That’s why you need the ingenious Mimi Gaming Keyboard.

    Slightly bigger than a PSP, this compact wireless gizmo functions as an all-in-one HTPC keyboard and 3D motion-sensitive mouse, so you can type, surf and point with ease. It even has an ergonomic gamepad with two analog joysticks and digital buttons. Think of it as a Wii controller with full-on keyboard functionality.

    Mimi Wireless Controller

    1) Mimi, 2) USB Charging Cable, 3) USB Dongle, 4) Instruction Booklet, 5) Driver CD

    With various hot keys, gaming-style shoulder buttons and a built-in accelerometer capable of interpreting tilts as up, down, left and right, the Mimi Gaming Keyboard is set to revolutionise the way you interact with your home theatre. You’ll even want to take it to work as it is ideal for controlling Powerpoint presentations and other business-based programs. Slick or what?

    Mac and Windows compatible, the Mimi Gaming Keyboard boasts an impressive range of up to 10 metres, so unless your screen is in the penthouse and your computer is in the basement, you’re laughing. Just grab it with both hands, joypad-styley, and you’re away.

    Mimi Wireless Controller


    You won’t need to sweat over battery life either, because the rechargeable Li-Polymers supplied will juice the keyboard for over 20 hours of constant use. There’s even an auto hibernate mode.

    Yes, you could use a regular keyboard and separate mouse to control things, but why clutter your living room with cumbersome accessories when a Mimi Gaming Keyboard fits neatly next to your other remotes. Besides, you can’t lose a full sized keyboard down the sofa, so what fun is that?

    Mimi Wireless Controller

    Easy to use with your TV. Up to 100ft away from your computer!

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