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Military Grade Lip Balm
  • Military Grade Lip Balm

Military Grade Lip Balm

It's utterly balmy

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  • This balmy brew is here to solve all your problems
  • A mind-blowing balm developed for the Swedish Army in the 50's
  • Does a righteous job of laying waste to chapped lips
  • What else is it used for? Oh just a few things...
  • Including mosquito repellant, skin protection and leather treament


Is your rugged, muscly, pout in need of a little TLC? You’re a real MANful and you don’t want that rep defamed by the likes of a sweetly scented balm. You shudder at the thought of it. Crowds upon crowds of people jeering 'oi oi sweet lips' at you. You wake up in a cold, shameful sweat…

Cue Military Grade Lip Balm. Developed for the Swedish Military in the 1950’s, for a lad of leisure such as yourself the benefits of Hudsalve are unfathomable.

Not only does this ingenious concoction keep your smackers impeccably moisturised, it’s also one hella multi-use substance. Used by armies, mountaineers and adventurers alike, it doubles up as skin protection, weapon grease, leather treatment and Swedish tank commanders even use it to combat mosquitoes.

All hail Hudsalve!
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