Mike Jucker Hawaii Longboard Makaha
  • Mike Jucker Hawaii Longboard Makaha

Mike Jucker Hawaii Longboard Makaha

Going down in style

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    great artwork

    Cool artwork printed directly onto the underside of the deck

    Built for speed, the Makaha Longboard is one of the finest in its class. Just find yourself a smooth descent, strap on your protective gear (we recommend everything you own) and hop on!

    Built from five-ply Canadian maple – sandwiched between two-ply bamboo maple – the beautiful colour and pattern of the wood has been left visible and varnished to a high shine. The graphics have also been printed directly onto the board so that there’s no chance they’ll peel away after a few knocks and bumps.

    Not that you’re going to have much time to admire your board as you hurtle down the road, but it’ll look pretty impressive as you fly by – unless of course you’re giggling like a loony. In which case you might undo the cool-factor a bit.

    Thanks to its long tear drop shape and seven inch trucks, the Makaha is great for long carves, tricks and cruising. Now all you need is a worthy hill.

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