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Mighty Wine Glasses
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  • Mighty Wine Glasses
  • Mighty Wine Glasses

Mighty Wine Glasses

Thrills not spills

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  • The wine that won't fall over
  • Unknockoverable patented 'Smartgrip Technology' knows when to grip/lets you easily pick it up
  • Perfect for the erratic and thirsty gesticulator
  • No more red wine on your ice white Bengal Tiger rug
  • Set of two for sharing the magic


Accidents happen. Accidents happen when you drink. Accidents happen when you drink and you're suddenly no longer moving quite as ninja-like as you think you are.

Let's face it. We're all busy people. We haven't got time to perfectly judge the speed or angle of our glass approach. Time is money. We need some help. We need magic.

The Mighty Wine Glasses are just such magic. It's their 'Smartgrip Technology' that's the solution to an everyday clumsy problem.

Not to be confused with a magnet or suction cup, the Smartgrip at the bottom of the wine glass creates a vacuum that locks it onto a flat surface - effectively preventing it from being knocked over. The vacuum is released instantly when the mug is lifted straight up (requiring no extra effort).

Welcome to a brave new world.

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  • "Drinking wine around toddlers: problem solved. "
    Maria - 30th of November, 2016