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Mighty Pint Glasses

You're no drunken pushover

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  • The pint that won't fall over
  • Unbumpoverable patented 'Smartgrip Technology' knows when to grip/lets you easily pick it up
  • Perfect for the cack-handed barfly
  • The old grip & lift means no more pints of IPA sent hurtling into your vinyl collection
  • Set of two pint glasses for shareable stability


Spilling a pint is a weird experience. Even if you rectify your clumsy handed behaviour quickly and get your drink upright, there still seems to be an extraordinary amount of liquid everywhere. It doesn't add up.

Still, it's a real life problem and it demands a solution. The Mighty Pint Glasses are exactly that.

It’s all made possible by the ‘Smartgrip Technology’ which grips to any smooth, flat, solid surface when you bump into it, but lifts up naturally, helping to avoid spilling.

Now you can continue your wonderful, expressive commentary on life safe in the knowledge that you won't be derailed by your own inability to pick something up carefully.

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3 Reviews

Average 3.5/5 stars
  • "they really and amazingly work!"
    Sue - 21st of February, 2017
  • "It actually works! Obviously you have to use it on even hard floors (I.e not on carpet) but it still works great! "
    Julie - 2nd of January, 2017
  • "Purchased as a gift. I've tried them and they look great. Amazing product. "
    Rosie - 23rd of December, 2016