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Mighty Clutch

She's in charge

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  • The ultimate fusion of fashion and technology
  • Charge your weary smartphone in style and on the go
  • Compatible with all MicroUSB smartphones and iPhones
  • Made from real leather
  • Your phone battery is a treacherous swine, don't let it ruin your night


At some point during a night out; your contemptible, double-crossing mobile phone will leave you high and dry just when you needed it most. It's going to happen. It's unavoidable really. Smartphone batteries simply cannot go toe-to-toe with the intensity of our desire to answer long calls, take blurry pictures, send hilarious txts and maintain our rambunctious online social presences.

The Mighty Clutch is the glamorous solution to this seemingly hopeless conundrum; now you can charge your phone on the go without compromising on style at all.

Made from real leather and available in three different finishes to suit all tastes and occasions, this attractive and highly practical phone charger is your ultimate ally on a night out. Hidden within the clutch is a built-in high-capacity battery that can recharge your poor energy-sapped phone up to 2 times per charge and the internal 4-LED indicator means you'll always know how much juice you have left.

This powerful clutch is surprisingly spacious; with a pocket for your credit cards and a zipper compartment for keys and shrapnel, it'll hold your phone as well as all your essentials and yet it's still small enough to fit into your favourite handbag.

You meticulously plan an outfit; from your hair to make-up to earrings to dress to shoes – it's now time to add this fusion of fashion and technology to your arsenal and effortlessly avoid the inevitable.

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