Midland SubZero Headphones
  • Midland SubZero Headphones

Midland SubZero Headphones

Now hear this and stay warm

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Sh*t Hot right now


    Brrr…it’s freezing outside. What you need to do is pipe some high quality music down your lugholes. ‘But that won’t keep me warm!’ we hear you mumble through chattering teeth. It will if you’re listening via Midland SubZero Headphones.

    As you can see, these cool but cosy cans double up as stylish earmuffs, so all you fans of music on the move can enjoy quality tunes and swathe your ears in warm faux fur at the same time.

    Ideal for iPhone, iPod and BlackBerry fiddlers, SubZeros even feature a clever cable-mounted remote/mic that lets you take calls as you whoosh down the piste, pause/play as you trek across frozen wastelands and skip tracks as you head to work at silly o’clock on a cold and frosty morning.

    Midland SubZero Headphones

    Fully adjustable and worn round the back of the head (like shades in reverse), SubZeros are soft and fluffy on the inside but slim enough to be worn with beanies, ski goggles and dunce caps (obligatory headgear for Westlife fans). Yes, you could shove a beanie over your normal ‘phones but they’ll soon dig into your poor old ears as your gloved hand fumbles for your player. It’s a non-contest.

    Available in black, white, camo, luxe black leather and mesh black, these winter essentials are set to become your default cans for ski holidays, trips to Iceland (the shop and the country) and, if weather reports are to be believed, most of the year in miserable Blighty. Quite frankly, unless you live in the tropics we can see no good reason why you wouldn’t want a pair. Cool? They’re totally SubZero!

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