Microwavable Clangers
  • Microwavable Clangers

Microwavable Clangers

They should whistle when they’re ready

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    Holding the Clanger

    Pop in the microwave for a minute, then time for a warm cuddle!

    For a certain generation, the thought of microwaving a Clanger is akin to blending Iggle Piggle, or reporting Dora the Explorer for truancy. But that’s exactly what Microwavable Clangers are made for. Just pop ‘em in the lazy oven for a minute and they’ll come out toasty and warm.

    A heart-warming treat when you come in from the cold – or the perfect travel buddy when you’re heading out on a chilly Winter morning – these huggably soft TV icons are gently scented with lavender. So they also make wonderfully relaxing bedtime buddies as well.

    Choose a loveable moon-mouse in either blue or pink. We’re guessing the pink one is probably Mother Clanger, but we’re stumped when it comes to the blue. Any suggestions? Maybe one of them took a tumble in the blue string pudding...

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