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Microwavable Bagpuss
  • Microwavable Bagpuss

Microwavable Bagpuss

‘Wake up and look at this thing that I bring’

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    Microwavable Bagpuss

    Help me!

    We know what you’re thinking: why would anyone want to put a TV legend in the microwave, especially dear old Bagpuss? Well don’t panic because this gorgeously cuddly version of everyone’s favourite ‘fat furry catpuss’ can be warmed up for heated hugs.

    Officially licensed, Microwavable Bagpuss will stay warm for up to 45 minutes making him a snuggly alternative to a hot water bottle. Better still he’s filled with lavender infused wheat grains so he smells far better than the saggy cloth cat of yesteryear. You can almost hear Professor Yaffle twittering away over that charming music every time you give him a cuddle.
    Microwavable Bagpuss

    A great gift for fans of the original show, Microwavable Bagpuss is also set to enchant a whole new generation of kids who’ve never even heard the phrase ‘but Emily loved him’. Yaaaawwwwwn!

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