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Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse
  • Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

The portable mouse with all the right curves

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    back view

    Functional with a sleek design

    And bend... and stretch... and bend... and stretch... it would be easy to think that the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is just an exercise in slick styling. Take a closer look though and you’ll find that this great-looking gizmo is also incredibly clever.

    The first thing you’ll notice is that the Arc Touch Mouse is far less bulky than a normal mouse. That’s because it has been made specifically for laptop and netbook users- providing the same functionality and robust feel as a desktop mouse, while being as lightweight as possible. The second thing you’ll notice is that the cool curving body can actually be flattened, so you can slip it into a bag or coat pocket as easily as a mobile phone.

    animation of two mouse positions

    The mouse switches on when curved and turns off when flattened to save batteries from draining quickly

    Not only is this a really practical feature, but clicking it into the curved position actually switches the mouse on. Likewise, clicking it into the flattened position will switch it off again, so there’s no chance of the battery draining while it’s in your bag.

    touch surface close-up

    The surface of the mouse is touch sensitive

    The Arc Touch Mouse has also shed the bulk and moving parts of a typical scroll wheel, but kept its functionality and tactile feel. Simply flick the surface to scan through documents; tap to stop; and double tap to page up or down. You can even feel it clicking under your finger as you stroke it.

    As it’s a Microsoft mouse it naturally comes packed with all the latest technology, including BlueTrack optical sensors. Used on any flat surface- glossy, matte, rough or smooth- it will work perfectly. So no more watching in baffled wonder as your cursor drifts across the screen all on its own.

    off position - flat

    Slim and pocket sized when flattened

    The tiny wireless Nano Transceiver that comes with the Arc Touch Mouse plugs easily into any free USB drive on your laptop or netbook. It will lock onto the mouse’s signal instantly and work from up to 30ft away. When it isn’t in use, the Nano Transceiver clips neatly to the base of the mouse, so that you won’t accidentally lose it.

    Defying all expectations, Microsoft have crafted something that is as functional as it is beautifully-formed. Click the Buy button below and bring your desktop up to date!

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