Microfast Pop-Up Tent
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Microfast Pop-Up Tent

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    Tents have been around for so long they even get a mention in the Old Testament. But although tent technology has come on leaps and bounds over the millennia, you still need the patience of Job to put the pesky things up. A shame, because nothing beats climbing into a cosy tent after a hard day's hike or an evening spent wading round the festival campsite.

    Microfast Pop-Up Tent But who can be bothered with all that confusing canvas and pole-pitching palaver? We know we can't. That's why we just love the ingenious Microfast Pop-up Tent. The clue's in the name because this nifty two-man tent simply pops open the second you release its retaining straps. All you then do is attach the flysheet and peg it down. Brilliant, eh?

    Microfast Pop-Up Tent Weighing only 3.8kg with a pack size of 50cm x 68cm, the Microfast is supremely portable, yet it pops open to an impressive 2.4m(L) x 1m(W) x 0.94m(H). Featuring solid fibreglass core poles, taped seams, double stitched flysheets (in 3000mm* waterproof polyester and nylon), plus a 3000mm* waterproof groundsheet, the Microfast will keep you and a companion as snug as bugs in rugs.

    Unlike some self-pitching tents, the Microfast is free from spring-loaded sliding catches, so you won't trap your fingers when it boings open. Even a first time camper can erect one in a couple of minutes - ideal if the rain starts pouring unexpectedly.

    Just think, with a Microfast you won't find yourself in some Krypton Factor-style pickle, surrounded by poles with a faceful of fabric. Putting up the Microfast is easier than pulling your pants up. And if you're on a campsite you can laugh at fellow campers from the comfort of your Microfast as they make total Terry Scotts out of themselves.

    In fact, talking of proper carry ons and camping, isn't it time you stopped messin' about and ordered a Microfast Pop-up Tent!

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