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Micro Spinster

    Micro Spinster

    Let the micro madness begin!

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      Was £12.95, now £6.50 (50% off!)

      This titchy, totally bonkers RC car looks like it's just escaped from Wacky Races following a run in with a Honey, I Shrunk The Kids-type ray gun. But appearances can be deceptive, because the incredible Micro Spinster is even loopier than it looks. In fact, this diminutive, cartoon-esque headcase of a car is so insane we half expected it to start blowing raspberries and pulling silly faces before ladelling hot soup over its head, Daffy Duck-style. It really has to be seen to be disbelieved!

      Micro Spinster in hand

      Micro Spinster is truly wild and capable of pulling off all manner of implausible stunts. From wheelies and rolls to twists, turns and pirouettes. It even drives upside down and rolls over on the move! Hardly surprising when you consider Micro Spinster boasts roof-mounted wheels and a front axle that spins a full 360°.

      Micro Spinster wheelie

      Charging Micro Spinster is a doddle, as it features a charging jack under its durable chassis. Simply plug the charging unit (requires 3 x AAA batteries) into the car and before you can say "Drat and double drat!" this small but violent vehicle is ready to wreak havoc on the nearest unsuspecting surface. You control the madcap action via a funky, easy to operate transmitter (requires 3 x AA batteries). Best of all, Micro Spinster is available in two frequencies (27 & 49MHz), so you can race a friend as you perform increasingly insane manoeuvres.

      Micro Spinster animation

      At only 7.5cm long, Micro Spinster is small enough to smuggle into work in your lunchbox, yet it's infinitely more satisfying than a cheese ploughman's. And it's so fast and furious even the boss will be too transfixed to reprimand you. We think. Indeed, Micro Spinster's rowdy shenanigans have had us totally gripped ever since the first shipment hurtled into Firebox HQ - and we've seen a complete cavalcade of mentalist RC vehicles in our time. Don't you think it's time you got yourself a nice little turner?

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