Micro Sonic Grenade
  • Micro Sonic Grenade

Micro Sonic Grenade

Punish those lugholes!

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    select the time your grenade will go off!

    Choose a 5, 30 or 60 second delay

    They say people are born with just two inherent fears: falling and loud noises. And while there’s nothing funny about shoving work colleagues down the stairs *they said sniggering like loons* there’s plenty of harmless amusement to be had by scaring them witless with a godawful racket. Enter, with a quite deafening din, the Micro Sonic Grenade.

    it's really loud, annoy your coworkers

    110-115 decibels is too loud for Rik!

    Teensy but wincingly noisy, this comedy ‘grenade’ emits a truly ear-splitting 110-115 decibel wail. That’s the same as a power saw. Aargh! Simply set the timer to 5, 30 or 60 seconds, hide it near your victim and scarper. Failing that pop in some earplugs so you can point and laugh at your prey as they scrabble around looking for the source of their misery. You can even chuck it, grenade styley. ‘Fire in the hole!’

    Yes, we suppose you could choose to ignore all this daft tomfoolery and actually do some work, but watching the boss jumping out of his skin whilst pulling a face like a Raiders of the Lost Ark melting head is worth getting fired for. Isn’t it?

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