Summer Sale 2018
Micro Racer Hum-V

    Micro Racer Hum-V

    Lets go urban, military style!

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      These beauties were once the pride of the American Military. Later sold only to the rich and famous who used them for picking their nippers up Kamikaze style on the school run, far from the reach of any mere mortal man. Well think again! With these miniature beauties all terrains (not a promise) are ready to be conquered!

      Alongside Micro Racers and Micro Bikes, 4WD, these Hum-Vs are the latest in micro radio-controlled technology. OK, so the "Hum-V" in the title refers to the body shell, these Special Edition Micro Racers are a triumph in tiny engineering.

      Each Micro Hum-V is so incredibly tiny it can't accommodate batteries (even a single AAA wouldn't fit), so the clever clogs designers have made the cars rechargeable. Simply clip the vehicle onto its nifty RC handset (requires 2 x AA batteries) and Tarquin's your uncle!

      Each Micro Hum-V is kitted out with the obligatory spare wheel and ships complete plastered with sponsorship logo stickers.

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