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Micro Mosquito Helicopter 3.0
  • Micro Mosquito Helicopter 3.0

Micro Mosquito Helicopter 3.0

Have you got the bug?

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    Perfect size for indoor use

    Do you know the name of the fastest pheasant plucker in the world? No, neither do we. But we can tell you the name of the world's smallest, lightest, quietest, fully-functional RC helicopter: it's called the Micro Mosquito Helicopter 3.0 and it has just hovered into Firebox.

    Speaking of ornithology, the Micro Mosquito is currently ruffling feathers throughout the world of RC aviation, as it is one of the most incredible flying machines ever to take to the skies. Weighing in at a mere 15g, this bug-like indoor 'copter is so small it can take off and land in the palm of your hand. Amazing!

    Thanks to its counter-rotating blades the Mosquito is astoundingly manoeuvrable. Once you get the hang of its twin-toggle, digital proportional transmitter you'll be buzzing around like a pro pilot. Up, down, hover, forwards, backwards, left, right - you name it. We just landed ours on the boss's head having taken off from the water cooler. Try doing that in a proper chopper. (Don't, you might decapitate someone).


    Charge using the included helipad
    (batteries not included)


    Control the height and direction
    of flight with the handset

    spare blades available

    Spare rotors are available just in case there are any accidents

    Ready to fly in the smallest of spaces straight out of the box, the Mosquito is powered via a charger that doubles up as a launch pad. A 45 minute juice-up will give you a full seven minutes or more of flying time - enough to hover around the ceiling, fly by the coffee table and buzz past the telly. This innovative triumph of micro-engineering even features a pair of orange glowing 'eyes' - perfect for putting the willies up the cat when night falls.

    Believe us, playing with the Mosquito is seriously addictive. We guarantee you'll be unable to resist a quick flight whenever you're lounging on the sofa or twiddling your thumbs at work. If you still haven't got the bug, hit the Buy button. Because flying the Micro Mosquito is a total buzz!

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