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Micro Bike

    Micro Bike

    Two-wheeled miniature marvels

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      Micro Bikes are the latest take on micro R/C vehicles. Like Micro Racers, these bikes are miniature versions of their full-size siblings and are every bit as detailed as the four-wheeled versions.

      Half the wheels equals twice the fun, as Micro Bikes teeter on the edge of adhesion round every bend. Two stabilising wheels help to keep them upright, but an over-zealous nudge on the controls will see your bike tumbling out of the running if you're not careful...

      These diminutive racers are so tiny you can literally carry them round in your pocket, and at a mere 6cm long they're the perfect size for desktop stunts like the Evil Knievel style "Ruler-of-Doom". (That's a ruler between two desks for the uninitiated).

      Each supremely detailed mini bike comes with super-cool riders, in regulation aerodynamic racing stance. The Super Bike's themselves even come splattered with miniature corporate 'Castrol GTX' style logo's, to give you that high quality World Championship feel. They even have a tiny red tail-light to alert imaginary pit crews and pedestrians to its awesome intentions!

      Each Micro Bike is so amazingly minute that it couldn't possibly accommodate something as big as an AA battery - so the clever clogs designers have made the bikes rechargeable.

      Clip the vehicle onto its nifty R/C handset (which requires 3 x AA batteries - not supplied) for 45 seconds and get up to 8 minutes of micro racing fun.

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