Summer Sale 2018
Micro 4WD

    Micro 4WD

    "Let's off road!"

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      Another UK First!

      Think that the urban Four by Four experience is purely that of rich suburbanite house-wifes picking their nippers up Kamikaze style on the school run, or watching farmers repeatedly fail to reverse into a parking space big enough for a DC 20 aircraft? Well think again! With these miniature beauties all terrains (not a promise) are ready to be conquered!

      Alongside Micro Racers and Micro Bikes, these 4WDs are the latest in micro radio-controlled technology. OK, so the "4WD" in the title refers to the body shell rather than the number of wheels powered by the motor, but even so these are a triumph in tiny engineering.

      Each Micro 4WD is so incredibly tiny it can't accommodate batteries (even a single AAA wouldn't fit), so the clever clogs designers have made the cars rechargeable. Simply clip the vehicle onto its nifty RC handset (requires 2 x AA batteries) and Tarquin's your uncle!

      Each Micro 4WD is kitted out with the obligatory spare wheel and ships complete plastered with sponsorship logo stickers. Shopping from Harrod's Food Hall not included.

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