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Michael Fish Fridge Magnet Set
  • Michael Fish Fridge Magnet Set

Michael Fish Fridge Magnet Set

Hurricane? What hurricane?

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    Michael Fish Fridge Magnet Set

    "Earlier on today, apparently, a woman rang the BBC and said she heard there was a hurricane on the way..."

    In the days before weather reporters were chosen for their good looks, or indeed their abillty to accurately read the weather, one man reigned supreme: Michael Fish.

    Famous for his appalling kipper ties, Open University hairdon’ts, pixel flummoxing jackets and complete failure to predict the 1987 hurricane, this legendary meteorologist was a permanent fixture on our goggleboxes for thirty years.

    Not so permanent, however, were those ridiculous magnetic symbols that kept falling off the weather board. In fact they were so bad they were brilliant. And now, thanks to your sunny interval loving friends at Firebox, you can re-enact your favourite moments in Fishtory with the Michael Fish Fridge Magnet Set.

    Michael Fish Fridge Magnet Set

    Michael Fish

    This highly amusing set of fridge magnets contains all the symbols you remember and a few you probably don’t. Announcing the weather to the assembled breakfast table has never been such fun. There are over thirty magnets to arrange, from sunny spells and cold fronts to lightning bolts and temperatures. There’s even a magnet of the great icon of geek-chic himself.

    Michael Fish Fridge Magnet Set


    Michael Fish Fridge Magnet Set

    Looks like we're gonna get more hot snow!

    Guaranteed not to slip off your fridge as much as the originals, these memory-jogging magnets are ideal for wannabe meteorologists, talentless bimbos in need of a TV career, and anyone else who’s fascinated by the good old days of slapdash forecasting.

    We’ve got several on a filing cabinet here at the Firebox Weather Centre and we can’t tell you how many ‘busy’ employees have been queuing up to have a fiddle. Occluded fronts? Absolutely. So get a move on and hit the Buy button...hold on…our producer tells us a lady just called to say there was a hurricane on the way. Don’t worry, there isn’t…Aargh!

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