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    Watch it react to your music

    Prince Charles is said to have been talking to plants and flowers for years. Of course most of us dismissed the musings of HRH as eccentricity/botanical claptrap, but it now seems we owe him an apology.

    That's because Mi-Flower is an ornamental bloom/speaker that interacts with your favourite music. And it doesn't have to be heavy petal, the Kaiser Leafs or the poetry of Peat Docherty - Mi-Flower loves everything (except perhaps bad puns).


    Plug in your MP3 player

    Battery operated, Mi-Flower responds in different ways depending on the style of music pumping out of its nifty built-in speaker. Simply plug in your MP3 player (or any other music generating device) and watch as this futuristic flower sways and wiggles to the beat. Ballads elicit gentle movement; metal produces an energetic response. Lack of music (or James Blunt) will send it back to sleep. Probably.


    Base Speaker

    With its illuminated petals, moving leaves and adorable LCD face, Mi-Flower expresses its feelings in countless ways. Sometimes it smiles and wiggles, sometimes it sways and nods, sometimes it frowns and thrashes. If you starve it of music it will grow tired and fall asleep until you give it a blast of System of a Down. (Well that's what we use to wake it up).


    Wave in front of it and your Mi-Flower reacts!

    Impossibly cute and endlessly engaging, this funky little flower is a perfect desktop companion, and it always keeps you guessing as to how it will react to certain tunes. In fact, speaking of Prince Charles, we played Mi-Flower some Three Degrees (HRH's favourite band) just now and it went completely nuts. Prince of Wales? Finger on the pulse? Not half!

    Thus far, we've been unable to unearth a single person who hasn't been utterly entranced by Mi-Flower and we don't expect to find one. So hurry up and buy before our entire supply jiggles itself silly listening to bad 70s disco crap. You dig?

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