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Metallurgy Ink Jet Metal
  • Metallurgy Ink Jet Metal

Metallurgy Ink Jet Metal

Great images, on reflection

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    Ink jet printer

    Watch out for magpies when printing!

    Plain white paper? Yawn! Add a flash of brilliance to your photos and digital images by printing them on Metallurgy Ink Jet Metal. Made from actual metal, these incredible sheets can be fed through your home ink jet printer. Their special coating has been designed to accept water-based inks, to bring a new depth to your printed photos, gift cards, party invites, name plaques, badges, etc.

    What’s more, each sheet has an adhesive backing. So you once you’ve printed out your digital imagery you can stick it up around the house or office with ease. Or how about cutting them into your own custom sticker collection? The shiny ones always were the best.

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