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Metal Pro Powerball
  • Metal Pro Powerball

Metal Pro Powerball

King of the spinners

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    Metal Pro Powerball

    Exercise arm, wrist and shoulder muscles by keeping the gyro spinning

    Weighing almost twice as much as its neon cousin, the Metal Pro Powerball is a precision-engineered piece of kit for the serious Powerballer. Just as addictive, just as much fun, and even better for building strength and muscle tone in your wrists, arms and shoulders, it’s already being used by top athletes to improve their performance. How does it work? We’ll explain...

    After first setting the inner section spinning, rhythmic circular hand and wrist movements not only maintain the rotation, but also make it steadily faster. The increased centrifugal force makes it harder for you to keep the Powerball spinning at the faster speeds. PGA Tour golfer Padraig Harrington has been known to use the Power Ball to improve his wrist strength.

    The reason Powerball gets very addictive indeed is due to the Accura V2.0 digital counter. At the end of each session the LCD screen will display your high score; which you’ll probably want to beat as time goes on. It also means that other people, who witness your Powerball antics and see your high score, will call into question your muscular capabilities before sneering and snatching it away to consign your high score to history.

    rev counter

    The rev counter records your high score, for you to try
    and beat next time

    Needless to say, male adult humans are the biggest fans of Powerball's mix of strength and scoring, but anyone can do it. Once you get over the initial hurdle of starting the gyroscope (there are two main ways - flicking your thumb down the wheel, or using the provided pull-cord to set Powerball in motion), you are compelled to beat your last score. Perhaps the gentle hum of a Powerball subconsciously draws you into continued play. More likely, it's the fact that no one calls you a pansy and 11,532 is the score of a legend. Either way, Powerball genuinely is hard to put down once you pick it up.

    This premium version of Powerball has a mirror-like chrome finish and comes in a stunning clear magnetic display case. So not only will friends and family gasp in awe at your score, the Metal Pro Powerball will garner ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from its sleek looks too. Now you don’t get that from a kettle bell...

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