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Metal Pin Art

Certainly makes an impression

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    Favoured by pinstriped office types (and gadget fans) the world over, Metal Pin Art was the must have executive toy in the 1980’s. And now it’s back! Well... not so much “back” as “still here”. But with big hair and shoulder pads creeping back into fashion we thought we’d dust off our own favourite retro accessories as well.

    Fans of Metal Pin Art will be glad to know it’s just as much fun to play with as ever. Press anything into the array of loose pins and they’ll create a satisfying imprint on the other side. Or at least, until you tip the frame over and reset the pins.

    Try it on your chin, hand, banana, mobile phone (couldn’t do that back in the day; it was too big), or anything else firm enough to leave an impression. Once you’ve started playing with it, it’s impossible to ignore.

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