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Mermaid Tears Vodka

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Mermaid Tears Vodka
  • Premium French Grain vodka made from the tears of Mermaids
  • Ocean-blue liquid with a glittery haze
  • Splash into a cocktail or serve straight on the rocks
  • Make a different kind of mermaid toast
  • Tears only harvested from line-caught Mermaids
  • Created by Firebox
V - Suitable for Vegetarians
Before you say it – yes it's possible to cry underwater, and yes this vodka is made from real mermaid tears.

Escape your tedious reality and submerge your tastebuds in the smooth taste of Mermaid Tears Vodka. This sparkly spirit is made from premium French Grain Vodka and blended with the glistening tears of our line-caught Mermaid shoal.

Give the chunky bottle a swirl and, just like a Mermaid's tail whipping up the sea floor, a glittery haze will begin to disperse throughout this dreamy, ocean-blue vodka.

This mesmerising blend is delicious splashed into cocktails or served on the rocks – so go ahead, leave your boring human life behind and sip upon the shimmering tears of these sassy sirens.
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