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Mercedes SLR

Get Benzed-up without breaking the bank

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    Weird, far out vehicles are great. (We should know – our car park's full of 'em! It looks like the starting grid of Wacky Races). But every now and again it's nice to get behind the wheel of a vehicle that oozes class, reliability and sophistication. A car that turns heads for all the right reasons. The trouble is, attributes such are this are synonymous with price tags that read like long-distance telephone numbers. And so it is with RC cars, too. Thankfully, all that is about to change because the sleek and elegant Mercedes SLR 1/14 RC Car possesses all the tasteful styling and technical perfection of the real thing. And best of all, this chic little baby Benz costs less than it does to fill up a real one with petrol.

    The RC SLR is a set of wheels to be proud of, and boasts digital proportional rear wheel drive and steering. Control comes via a contemporary trigger-style transmitter. And handling is almost as good as a real Merc. Sadly, you won't be pulling many members of the opposite sex by performing posey donuts and wheel spins in this miniaturised speed machine - unless of course you know any who are impressed by grown men playing with toy cars. (If you do, feel free to write in and tell us who they are).

    Front and rear spring dampers add to the realism as do tubeless tyres and sexy bodywork. Talking of bodywork, the SLR looks like it shifts big-time. And by the power of Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (the company's original snappy name) it surely does!

    Unlike its big, autobahn storming brother this ready-to-run classic-in-the-making is powered by a handy 7.2V rechargeable NiCD battery, so you won't need to visit the petrol station every time you fancy a quick spin. In fact, buy this beautifully engineered RC car and we guarantee that as well as having a scream whizzing it around your home and office you'll also attain instant popularity. All you need to do now is purchase a key fob bearing the legendary three-point logo and start blabbing off about your brand new Benz.

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