Megasplat Paintball Gun

    Megasplat Paintball Gun

    Splattery will get you everywhere!

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      Forgave the spilling mistooks, but thanks to the spectacularly amusing Megasplat Paintball Gun, most of our monitors are currently splattered with a kaleidoscopic array of paint splodges. As the huge clean-up operation continues, our initial shipment of these ludicrously entertaining weapons is now safely locked away in the Firebox Armoury, and we can begin to reflect on an item that has caused more mayhem – not to mention excitement - in the office than any other weapon in recent memory.

      Mega Splat in hand

      Thanks to its bizarre retro-futuristic styling, flashing lights and satisfying sound effects, this rapid-fire automatic paintball gun looks and sounds like something Barbarella could have borrowed off Flash Gordon, but it's far more entertaining than a piffling ray-gun. Think Krusty the Clown meets the Terminator and you're halfway there.

      Mega Splat magazine

      Featuring a six-cylinder rotating paintball magazine, the Megasplat is capable of firing well over 100 rounds per minute, making it the most relentlessly aggressive paint assault weapon we've ever seen. With its impressive 25ft range this is just the sort of splat-tastic hand cannon Dandy Dan and Fat Sam would've sold Tallulah for in order to get a leg up in the splurge race.

      SupaSplat Paintballs

      From a full charge the Megasplat will fire continuously for about 12-15 mins, which is more than enough time to paint the town red, green, blue, orange and a thousand other colours in-between. A full charge takes around five hours, giving you enough time to rinse your walls down, hone your strategy and pick up your washing from your mum.

      Mega Splat madness

      The Megasplat's magazine contains six tubes (ten rounds per tube). Simply rotate the magazine one notch as you finish each round. Megasplat comes complete with a wipe-clean target, safety goggles, rechargeable batteries and charger, plus 60 coloured paintballs.

      We don't have to explain how popular this weapon of splat destruction is going to be, suffice it say your adversaries will soon be green with envy, red with anger, purple with rage and, well, covered in paint, basically!

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