• Megaphone


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    Dock iPhone

    Just dock your iPhone

    If you want to give your iPhone’s audio a bit more oom-pah-pah, without the hassle of separate speakers, plug it into the Megaphone. Managing to look both thoroughly modern and like an Alpine horn, this spectacular ceramic device rests on a stylish wooden stand. And like any trophy, it’s bound to garner all sorts of attention. But just wait until you connect your iPhone.

    Acting as a passive amplifier for your mobile’s built-in speaker, this great fluted instrument is ideal for listening to music, holding conference calls or communicating between mountains. Oh alright, it’s not that loud, but it does have a surprising effect on your iPhone’s output. And all without any moving parts.

    Colours available

    Colours available (L-R): White, Black and Gold


    Unusual piece for the home!

    Sure, connecting your high-tech iPhone to a giant trumpety horn makes about as much sense as hooking up your Xbox to a colander. But you can’t argue with the results. At least, not if you’re standing directly in front of it. Stylish, bold and just a little bit bonkers it’s making all the right noises for us.

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