Meerkat Dog Toy
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Meerkat Dog Toy


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    Squeezing the Meerkat Dog Toy

    Oh yes, he squeaks!

    Why compare the meerkat when you can get your dog to humiliate the annoying little blighter by slobbering all over him, chomping him and rubbing his inexplicably popular face in muddy puddles (and worse). It’s easy with the Meerkat Dog Toy!

    Yes, funny mammal fans, thanks to the unprecedented popularity of meerkats, your zeitgeist-catching friends at Firebox have decided to climb aboard the bandwagon with this squeaking plush toy for bow wows.

    Dog playing with the Meerkat Dog Toy

    "No, it's compare the market!"

    Standing around a foot high, it’s the ideal gift for anyone who thinks a talking suricate (whose given name sounds like the word ‘market’ if you say it in a comedy Russian accent) is the pinnacle of surreal humour. Or their dogs. Or students. Or any of the 700,000 bozos who’ve signed up to a Facebook fan page. Meow!

    Whether your dog is a fan of unfunny/funny ad campaigns, or simply adores tossing about cute standy-uppy critters that squeak, the Meerkat Dog Toy is most definitely going to be a smash. Simples!

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