Medusa NX USB 5.1 Surround PC Gaming Headset
  • Medusa NX USB 5.1 Surround PC Gaming Headset

Medusa NX USB 5.1 Surround PC Gaming Headset

Listen, and listen good.

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    In the beginning there was mono. Then there was stereo. And then, along came quadraphonic. But that flopped, so we went back to stereo. And that's pretty much the way it stayed until the recent technological revolution brought us the awesome auditory delights of 5.1 Surround Sound, a cinema-like audio experience that's taken the world by storm. Indeed, 'listen, the bullets are all around you' has become the mantra of practically every 5.1-owning braggard tech-head in recent years. Whether it's Avatar on BluRay, Daft Punk on your iPod or World of Warcraft on PC, 5.1 Surround Sound has become a must-have accessory for any self-respecting audiophile.



    The only problem is, how do you listen to your favourite sounds in glorious 5.1 without incurring the wrath of your neighbours and housemates? The answer, good people, lies within the softly padded confines of the incredible Medusa NX USB 5.1 Surround Sound PC Gaming Headset. Forget stereo 'phones, the Medusa gives you the full, spine-tingling, all-encompassing 5.1 surround sound experience.

    Basically, three speakers and a subwoofer have been ingeniously shoehorned into each comfortably padded, swivelling ear pad, thus enabling reproduction of the full sound spectrum. With a nifty controller integrated into the cable, you can adjust the sound to suit your individual preferences. Separate controls for rear, front and centre allow you to precisely balance the volume. An amplifier box allows connection to any 5.1 sound source with integrated decoder and also controls the master volume.

    These ultra bombastic babies really come into their own when the subwoofers are cranked up - all round clarity is truly staggering: explosions sound bigger, guitars sound badder and bullets sound, well, plain scary. Immersive audio experiences don't get much better than this. We said, 'IMMERSIVE AUDIO EXPERIENCES DON'T GET MUCH BETTER THAN THIS!'

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