Medisana ThermoDock
  • Medisana ThermoDock

Medisana ThermoDock

Open up and say…wow!

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    Take your temperature hygienically

    Forget old-fashioned thermometers. Thanks to the ingenious Medisana ThermoDock you can use your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to measure your temperature. And before you ask, no, you won’t have to stick gizmos in your ear, your gob or anywhere else for that matter.

    This clever little peripheral utilises non-contact infrared technology to measure body temperature, room temperature, surface temperature and even water temperature. Simply plug it into your gizmo’s charging point and prepare to be blown away as it works in conjunction with the free VitaDock app to deliver accurate, idiot-proof readings that can be stored, collated and exchanged via email.

    How to use the ThermoDock:
    screenshot 1

    Open up the VitaDock app

    screenshot 2

    Follow the onscreen instructions

    screenshot 3

    Check and save the on screen reading

    carry pouch

    Comes with its own carry pouch

    A brilliant device for parents, the medically certified ThermoDock is ideal for taking kids’ temperatures – just hold it a couple of inches away from the forehead and within seconds the results are displayed on-screen. How Star Trek is that! If you’re feeling cavalier you can even use it to check the temperature of tea, bath water or… oops, maybe not!

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