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Medisana TargetScale

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    Lianne weighing herself

    Tech up and step up!

    Weighing yourself using old-school bathroom scales can be a depressing experience: stiff dials, inaccurate readings, squeaky mechanism – this is the 21st century for goodness sake. So why not bin that clunky contraption under the sink and step on the astoundingly clever Medisana TargetScale.

    This stylish slice of Bluetooth-friendly tech determines weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat and water, plus muscle and bone mass for up to four users. Used in conjunction with the free VitaDock app you can even set goals and monitor weight changes on the move. (Non-Apple fans needn’t cry into their doughnuts as it also works independently.)

    Close up of LCD screen

    Determines weight, BMI,
    body fat and more

    Medisana TargetScale

    Set and monitor your target weight

    Medisana TargetScale

    The glow rings show where you are in terms of your goal
    (Inner ring = almost there!)

    Our fave TargetScale feature involves setting your ideal weight and gawping in wonder as glowing rings indicate increases and decreases; the closer the illuminated ring is to the centre, the closer you are to your target weight. There’s even an Athlete mode for all you sporty types. So what are you ‘weighting’ for? Step on it.
    Diagram showing the functions

    1) Symbol for user, 2) Connection symbol, 3) Body Mass Index value, 4) Weight value, 5) Body fat value, 6) Muscle mass value, 7) Daily calorific requirement value, 8) Body water value, 9) Bone mass value

    More detail and specification