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Medisana CardioDock
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Medisana CardioDock

Track your own pumping beats

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    Feel the pressure

    Keeping tabs on your health can be tricky without endless trips to the GP. And who wants to sit in a waiting room feeling like a hypochondriac? Old people, that’s who. And you’re not old. So arm your thoroughly modern iPhone with the Medisana CardioDock and you can track your blood pressure from day to day in the comfort of your own home. All you’ll be missing is a stack of Home and Garden magazines, circa 2009.

    Close up of app

    Monitor your results

    The sleek and stylish dock comes with an easy-to-use arm cuff. Pop your iPhone or iPod Touch in the dock, wrap the cuff around your arm and let them do their thing. In no time at all you’ll have a super accurate 3 MAM-powered reading. What’s 3 MAM? Well despite the name, it’s a system that takes 5 separate readings over several seconds, then averages the results. So any fluctuations or hiccups (literally) in your data are automatically smoothed out.

    carry case

    Comes in a handy carry case

    Once the dock uploads the info to your Apple gadget, you can leave a comment, note how you feel, or list any activity you’ve been doing. The dedicated app makes it easy to save, view and plot your results over time. So spotting trends and spikes is easier than ever. Higher blood pressure on a Saturday afternoon? That’ll be the football. Or possibly the pie. Either way, thanks to the Medisana CardioDock you’ll be armed with a mountain (or smooth incline) of data the next time you visit your GP. Ahh, we’re feeling better already.

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