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Medea L.E.D Vodka
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Medea L.E.D Vodka

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    Give a gift that speaks for itself

    Ever since the first Polish potato was left boiling too long, everyone from celebrity sportspeople to impoverished college kids has been relying on a certain transparent tipple for a confidence kick.

    Sadly, sometimes alcohol actually makes you less eloquent, meaning your usual charming chat ends up more like nonsensical gibberish. Shocking, we know. Thankfully, Medea Vodka have developed the answer we’ve all been looking for to help us stand out from the crowd.

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    That means it's time to PAARRTY ! !

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    Easy to use and program messages

    Every bottle comes with an electronic ‘ticker’, letting you display up to six different messages in bright LED lights across the face of your bottle. So now when you’re sitting in the VIP section of your local nightspot, you have a ready-made billboard for your witty banter and romantic forays.

    In delicious contrast to the hi-tech action on the outside, the award-winning vodka on the inside follows an ancient Dutch recipe, involving no less than 16 distillations. Now you just need to make your brightly lit pick-up line as ‘smooth’ as the Vodka inside the bottle.
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