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Me Finder Digital Wristband
  • Me Finder Digital Wristband

Me Finder Digital Wristband

Got your numbers

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    screen close-up

    Store up to 5 emergency numbers

    Do you know exactly where you child is right now? Of course not, you can’t be everywhere at once. And besides, you’ve got to allow them a little freedom. How else would they learn anything? Climbing trees: good. Eating caterpillars: bad. That sort of stuff.

    But for a little extra peace of mind, give them a Me Finder Watch when you’re out and about. Ingeniously simple, this fun watch can be preloaded with up to 5 phone numbers. If your child gets lost, all they need to do is find a sensible-looking adult and ask them to call one.

    Me Finder Watch

    Available in 3 designs (from l-r): Pink flower, Monkey and Green technic

    Clever, easy to use and affordable, it’s a great way to make sure your young ones are safe, without resorting to GPS-tagging them like endangered animals.

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