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Maxim 2 in 1 Jug and Scales
  • Maxim 2 in 1 Jug and Scales

Maxim 2 in 1 Jug and Scales

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    We know that some of you are fans of the bish-bosh ‘chuck it and see’ cooking method, but sometimes you need to measure what goes into our recipes. Trouble is, cracking out clunky scales is a right malarkey, especially when you can measure both liquids and solids with the ingenious Maxim 2 in 1 Jug and Scales.

    This clever one-litre measuring jug has digital scales in its base, saving you time and sanity in the kitchen. And thanks to a smart add-and-weigh function it can measure all the liquids necessary for a recipe (water, milk, oil) and go straight onto solids (flour, sugar, breadcrumbs) without throwing a Gordon. Building up and mixing different ingredients has never been easier.

    Filling the jug with flour The LCD screen Cup and millilitre scale

    Pour in flour to weigh...

    Clear LCD screen

    Cup and Millilitre scales
    on either side of the jug

    You needn’t worry about complex sums because the Maxim’s LCD display shows weight and volume in both metric and imperial units. In fact if recipes go wrong using this baby the only person to blame will be the bazillionaire saucepan botherer who guesstimated the measurements. Yes, chef!

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