Summer Sale 2018
Max Power Fire Racer

    Max Power Fire Racer

    It does what it says on the tin

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      The original Fire Racers were deservedly popular among Firebox customers, but they have been given a radical makeover, Max Power style! Now they are faster and furiouser than ever least, they look like they should be, with their cool metallic paint jobs, modified bodies and funky decals.

      Traditional radio-controlled cars look and act pretty much like the real thing, only in miniature. Max Power Fire Racers look and act pretty much like traditional radio-controlled cars, only in miniature.

      They have proper rubber tyres and the attention to detail extends to the lovingly recreated bodies and custom paintjobs. Oh, they go like the clappers and the steering is excellent, too. They can be used indoors and out - we recommend you build racetracks for them (cushions, open-book bridges, figure of eights around table legs etc).

      PLEASE NOTE: If you are buying more than one car, we cannot guarantee that they will have different frequencies, so you may not be able to race them against each other.

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