Max Force Shadowhawk 100
  • Max Force Shadowhawk 100

Max Force Shadowhawk 100

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    Firing the same soft paper ammo as the Max Force Maximiser 60, the two-handed Max Force Shadowhawk 100 is brilliant for long-range target practice. Just moisten the bullet-shaped paper ammo and load it into the ammo clip. Click it into the Shadowhawk and – when you’re ready – the advanced power piston technology will fire the pellets a staggering 100 feet!

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    These amazing paper pellets explode on impact, so you’ll be able to see where you’ve hit. And since they’re just made of paper, they’re safe to use indoors. Chop and change the Shadowhawk depending on your situation – for close quarters fighting keep it light by taking off the stock, barrel and sight. But for long-distance sniping, these features can be really useful. For even more stability the Shadowhawk also has a fold-down bi-pod – we like to lay down, or prop it on a wall for the best effect.

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