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Max Force Maximiser 60
  • Max Force Maximiser 60

Max Force Maximiser 60

Paper beats everything

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    Side view

    Side view

    Using the same soft paper ammo as the stealthy Max Force Blow Gun 35, the Max Force Maximiser 60 lets you unload up to eight squishy pellets at your target before you have to reload.

    Moisten the ready-formed paper pellets and feed them into one of the two cartridges provided. Lock a cartidge into the Maximiser and – when you’re ready – the weapon’s power piston technology will fire the little pellets an astonishing 60 feet! Perfect for getting someone’s attention from across the room (or just annoying the hell out of them).

    What’s more, because they break up on impact you’ll be able to see where you’ve hit. And since they’re just made of paper, they’re safe to use indoors.

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