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Max Force Blow Gun 35
  • Max Force Blow Gun 35

Max Force Blow Gun 35

Happy hunting!

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    Boy using the Max Force Blow Gun 35

    Go and Blow Joe!

    Bored of firing foam darts at your friends? Well how about a mushy paper pellet instead? Now you’re talking!

    Flying in the face of School rules, the Max Force Blow Gun 35 is a great way to get people’s attention (or annoy them to distraction) from across the room. Moisten the ready-made Soft Splat pellets and load up to 6 into the Blow Gun at a time. Then just hold the mouthpiece to your lips and give it a toot. With enough puff, the little white wad will fire up to 35 feet!

    This simple set comes with 60 Soft Splat rounds – more than enough to get you started – and the optional barrel extension is ideal for longer-range shots. Take aim with the pop-up sight or steady your hand with the extendible stock. With no electronics or sprung parts it’s the ultimate stealth weapon for inter-bedroom skirmishes (or the occasional office ambush). Happy hunting!

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