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Mavis and Derek's Missing Garden Gnome
  • Mavis and Derek's Missing Garden Gnome

Mavis and Derek's Missing Garden Gnome

No place like gnome

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    Great attention to detail

    Coronation Street has had more than its fair share of ludicrous storylines. But surely one of the greatest/most ridiculous was the tale of Mavis and Derek’s Missing Garden Gnome. So why not celebrate Weatherfield’s daftest saga with an exact replica of its diminutive protagonist, Arthur.

    An ideal gift for the Corrie fan with everything, this cute little gnome will serve as a constant reminder of ‘Gnomegate’, the chain of events that saw Arthur vanishing and sending postcards home from around the world. Hapless buffoon Derek even received a severed gnome’s ear with a ransom note for fifty chocolate doubloons. And there was us thinking Coronation Street was all about gritty Northern drama.

    You don’t need us to tell you that Arthur’s kidnapper was eventually revealed to be none other than Norris Cole. But we will anyway. So stop dithering, Mavis-styley, and get ordering. ‘Ooh, I don’t really know.’

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