Mature Your Own Whisky Kit
  • Mature Your Own Whisky Kit

Mature Your Own Whisky Kit

DIY Drams

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  • Fresh oak barrel, hewn directly from the majestic forests of Kentucky
  • Hoedowns optional (but encouraged)
  • Everything you need to start straight away


OK, so you’re not a hillbilly. You’re not living with your entire extended family, fighting bears, eating racoon and making moonshine in some wild, untamed forest. But that’s no reason to miss out on the joys of creating your own liquor.

With the Mature Your Own Whisky Kit you can enjoy the (slightly sloshed) satisfaction of making whisky in your home, without all those pesky explosions and police raids.

Simply take two bottles of new-make Malted Barley spirit (included), and pour them through the funnel (also included) into your freshly toasted Kentucky Oak barrel of Medium to heavy char (yep, it's included too), then, you play the waiting game. Anywhere from a few days to a few months and you’ll be able to celebrate your alcoholic achievement with a dram of your very own home-brewed whisky.
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  • "Unusual pressie for the hubby that has everything. Three days after setting it up and he's had the first potent glass. Would recommend."
    Amanda - 1st of January, 2016