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Mathmos Wind Light

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    Blue Mathmos Wind Light

    Also available in blue!

    Unless your name is Geoff Capes, Hercules or Superman, walking around with a wind turbine sounds pretty strenuous, doesn’t it? But now, thanks to Mathmos Wind Lights, anyone can do it.

    These incredible little lights use 6cm propellers to power a pair of gleaming red or blue LEDs. No planet-hating batteries or mains-sapping plugs required! A simple puff of air is all you need to get glowing.

    Put them in the garden, hold them like futuristic sparklers or glue them to your head for that genuine space-age propellerhead look. They’re like ultramodern versions of those funny little windmills you pestered mum to buy at the seaside.

    Great for your garden

    Add some flair to your garden!

    Ideal for marking your territory/finding the loo/waving around like a deranged loon at festivals, Mathmos Wind Lights let you show off your green credentials without having to wear hemp wellies and free range lentil trousers. Best of all they look extremely cool as they flutter and glow, especially if you attach a few to the roof of your 4x4.

    But don’t just take our word for it; Mathmos Wind Lights have been used in several high profile art installations by leading designer Jason Bruges (no, us neither). As part of a digital art festival, this out-there creative attached 1200 of ‘em to a 45ft tower by the Thames. Wow!

    Easy to assemble

    3 LED lights

    Of course we’re not saying you should buy that many (oh, go on then) but Wind Lights look pretty funky when you stick a few in the garden or up a tree. In fact, assuming there’s a bit of wind, they’ll add a touch of magic to any evening shindig. And if the weather won’t play ball just ask guests to blow on them. It’s worth it just to see ‘em huffing and puffing in between canapés.

    A brilliant pressie for the eco-conscious night owl with everything, Mathmos Wind Lights are guaranteed to enthral even the most Clarkson-esque of sceptic. So bin the glowsticks and torches, it’s time to let Mother Nature show you the way.

    Red Mathmos Wind Light

    Easy to assemble

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