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Mathmos Tumbler

    Mathmos Tumbler

    Let there be light

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      From the revivers of the lava lamp, and creators of the magnificent Bubble, the Tumbler is the latest product in the Mathmos Modern range. Made from tough glass, it bathes its surrounding area in coloured light (colours and styles dependent on model). It's one of those products that looks and does great just standing still, but it will undoubtedly be picked up, prodded and played with by everyone who encounters it. Thankfully, Tumbler is designed specifically for those two purposes.

      Mathmos Tumbler FlipTilt switches in each Tumbler mean that moving it causes a change in the light given off - each model displays different effects. Choose from:
      • Multi-colour Faze - turning it upright keeps the Tumbler 'fazing' through its 200 colours, adjust the speed by lying it flat or on its side.
      • Multi-colour Flip - switch it between its nine colours when it is turned on its side and on end.
      The colour changing is achieved with LEDs, yet the whole object seems to glow from all corners.

      Tumbler's splash-proof seal means that it can be used outdoors as well as in, and although a single unit isn't enough to illuminate fully an outdoor area, one or two provide a beautiful and wind-proof alternative to candles. The same principle applies indoors, with the coloured light from a Tumbler creating a unique mood and atmosphere whenever it is needed. You can even use it as a night light.

      Essentially, a Mathmos Tumbler is a fabulously-made piece of lighting technology that does far more than just sit there and glow.

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