Mathmos Tuba

    Mathmos Tuba

    Oh what a light!

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      Music has always been inextricably linked with colour - Deacon Blue, Simply Red, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, The White Stripes, Orange Juice, Pink, Rainbow - the list is endless. With this peculiar connection in mind, the clever people at Mathmos have put their thinking caps on and invented a seriously stylish light that not only cycles randomly through the full colour spectrum but can also react dynamically to whatever tunes you are currently enjoying, changing colour to the beat in a hypnotic fashion.

      Mathmos Tuba: side view

      That's right music lovers, thanks to the mesmerising Mathmos Tuba you'll be able to add genuine colour to your choons without having to listen to any of the above artists. Resembling a contemporary clown's hat in a hurricane, this incredibly captivating lighting doodah is a seriously stylish design classic in its own right, but there's so much more to the twin mode Tuba than just good looks. In Faze mode, the Tuba gradually changes colour before your naked steaming eyes without audio assistance. But shove your hand into Tuba's inviting hollow and you'll activate Music mode. This is where the fun starts, because once you've put your favourite CD on, this chic little innovation will change colour in response to the music.

      Mathmos Tuba: rear view

      Although the Tuba is more suited to mellow melodies we couldn't resist seeing how it would handle something a little more, er, up-tempo. By the time 'Into the Lungs of Hell' by Megadeth had finished the poor little Tuba had changed colour more times than Michael Jackson's face! That said, our experiment served to illustrate how this perfectly formed, pressed-glass curio is at home in any situation and can respond to all manner of audio assault.

      Mathmos Tuba: top view

      The Mathmos Tuba creates a unique ambience wherever you choose to place it, and is sure to become a talking point at your shindigs and soirees. In fact, buy one of these amazing little lights and we guarantee you'll be unable to resist gawping at it on a daily basis.

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