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Mathmos Thaw Light
  • Mathmos Thaw Light

Mathmos Thaw Light

Thaw blimey!

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    Mathmos Thaw Light

    'Break' the mould!

    Back in the days when we were kids (waddya mean, of course Firebox is run by adults!) filling your house with candles meant one of three things: there had been a power cut, the leccy meter needed topping up, or you were going through your goth phase.

    How times change. Because nowadays candles are synonymous with stylish soirees and atmospheric evenings in. And in terms of adding a bit romance to proceedings, they can't be beaten. That's why we're always on the lookout for innovative ways to enhance the waxy little blighters. Enter the Mathmos Thaw Light.

    Mathmos Thaw Light

    Set it up...

    This ingenious tea light holder encases your candle in shimmering ice and slowly melts as the evening progresses. Simply fill the silicone mould sitting within the stainless steel tray with water, bung it in the freezer, then pop the ice 'shade' over your lit candle. The frozen shade then melts back into the mould over 3 hours. Cool? It's positively polar. And the only running costs are the candles and the water.

    The Thaw Light is an incredibly mesmerising way to illuminate your evenings, and it is certain to add a touch of Narnia-chic to any shindig. Indeed we haven't seen fire and ice combining to such dramatic effect since the 80s, when every other heavy metal band decided to incorporate these opposing elements into their pompous lyrics.

    Mathmos Thaw Light

    ...melt it down!

    Ideal for Christmas, Halloween, winter weddings, romantic evenings at home, or just staring at whilst listening to some chilled tunes, the hypnotic little Thaw Light will enchant everyone who claps eyes on it. Fire and ice? What a stunning combination!

    Watch how it works...

    Mathmos Thaw Set it up!
    Then melt it down!
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