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Mathmos Telstar

    Mathmos Telstar

    Futuristic old-school lamp

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      Mathmos, the company behind the rebirth of the lava lamp, is one of the success stories of recent times. In a nutshell, a 26-year-old woman and her business partner suggested to the lampÂ’s inventor in 1990 that they should be awarded the main share of the company if they turned over a profit in just one year. WeÂ’d like to know if any of the head honchos at Mathmos follow the ponies, because that gamble has become a decade-long triumph.

      Now branching out with a strikingly different Modern range (including the marvellous Bubble), their models based on the classic designs, however, are still as good as ever. The Telstar, with its three-pronged rocket ship styling and sleek silver bodywork, has the pleasant whiff of sci-fi kitsch about it. ItÂ’s a quality piece; heavy and shiny like it should be.

      Then, of course, there are the pretty, swirly colours that, if we were veterans of the Vietnam War or hippie-era musicians, would actually give us nightmares. Instead, theyÂ’re simply great to look at. Large enough to show off individually but not so cumbersome that a desk (or similar surface) is drowned in a sea of Technicolor every time you switch it one, the Telstar is a fine addition to any lizardÂ’s lounge.

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