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Mathmos Pop Light
  • Mathmos Pop Light

Mathmos Pop Light

Press, gawp, chill

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    Pop Light

    When the main man upstairs created light, he saw that it was good. When he claps eyes on the Mathmos Pop Light we've got a feeling he'll reckon it's absolutely fantastic. And that's because this stylish mood lamp automatically cycles through a gorgeous kaleidoscope of colours, from red all the way round to blue. Hark!

    Pop Light

    Push your hand down over the top to switch on!

    Created by the lighting gurus over at Mathmos, the Pop Light is crafted in mouth-blown glass and encloses a chrome metal 'bulb' which, thanks to internal LEDs, comes to life when you switch it on. But where's the switch, we hear you ask? Well that's the thing; the über-hip Pop Light doesn't have one. You simply push down its 'shade' and the mesmerising light show begins.

    Once you see the Pop Light in action you'll wonder what you ever saw in regular coloured light bulbs. Its gentle colour-shifting glow will add instant ambience to any indoor scenario. We've got one on right now and we keep making spulling mistooks, such is its mesmerising allure.

    Pop Light

    Four different colours in the cycle

    If you're looking to take your first step into the colourful world of ambient lighting, the Pop Light is ideal because it combines the familiar lines of a traditional table lamp with the hi-tech functionality of an LED mood light. Think of it as a Noughties version of that other Mathmos classic, the Lava Lamp.

    Pop Light


    The difference is, the Pop Light doesn't conjure up images of depressing 70s bedsits filled with smelly hippies. No, this chic little baby is all about setting the mood with contemporary style. That said, any smelly hippies out there are more than welcome to get ordering, stick on a few Hendrix classics and gawp in wonder as the Pop Light does its thing. Like, crazy, man.

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